Welcome to historic ball rooms which for more than 100 years have formed the setting for countless traditional and festive events.

The perfect setting for an unforgettable party.


We have put composite a bead series of delicious dishes, which will make it possibel for you to create  the menu you wish for your event.

If you have any wishes for menus or dishes, you are of course always welcome to inquire about these.

All our dishes are made with a focus on local ingredients, taste & quality and are treated with the utmost respect by our skilled chefs to ensure you and your guests the best taste experience.


Price example

7 hours


Bubbling welcome

3-course menu composed according to your choice

Vine ad libitum

Coffee & tea with sweet

Late night snack

Price per person DKK 745.00

Choose one of the following starters:

Cold steamed salmon “en bellevue”

Tartlets with chicken in asparagus with parsley & tomato

Smoked southern Jutland ham from Kirke Hørup served with melon

Green salmon hüre on picked salad served with herbal cream + DKK 15.00

Tapas plate with serrano ham, baked mushrooms with Bresaola, bruchetta with cracked duck & bruchetta with tomato salad + DKK 20.00

Provencal fish soup served with today’s fish & seafood + DKK 15.00

Ravioli of monkfish jaws served with lobster soufflé & apple / saffron cream + DKK 35.00

Cannelloni of smoked salmon from own oven served with horseradish cream & salmon roe + DKK 25.00

Smoked lamb shank from own oven served with asparagus vinaigrette + DKK 25.00

All starters are served with bread & butter.


Choose from one of the following main courses:

Beef roast served with glazed onions & beans, South Jutland white cabbage, sour & sweet and cloud sauce

Grilled veal roast served with thyme cloud, seasonal garnish & fried potatoes

Pork loin fried like game served with game cream sauce, Southern Jutland white cabbage, sour & sweet as well as mushrooms & beans

Fried game club served with seasonal garnish, port wine sauce  & fried potatoes + DKK 35.00

Grilled beef fillet served with burgundy sauce, seasonal garnish & Pom Fondant + DKK 40.00

Mushroom stuffed rooster breast served with arugula cream, seasonal garnish & small roasted potatoes with herbs + DKK 35.00

Lamb filet served with thyme in cream & truffle, thyme juice, marinated mushrooms with parsley + DKK 60.00

Duet of beef tenderloin served with smoked quail, strong red wine glace & Pom Anna + DKK 65.00


Choose from one of the following desserts:

Cold grand marnier souffle served with apricot sauce

Raspberry mazarin served with sour cream

Homemade ice cream cake served with fresh fruit salad & whipped cream

Stuffed pancakes with English cream flavored with grand marnier served with orange sauce + DKK 10.00

Gateau Marcell served with soft ice cream & berry coulis + DKK 15.00

Lemon pie served with freshly whipped vanilla cream + DKK 15.00

Gratinated red berries served with vanilla ice cream (served only in season) + DKK 30.00

French chocolate cake served with cream sauce & dust of orange + DKK 35.00

Fresh strawberries served with fermented rhubarb served with soft ice  cream & orange dust + DKK 30.00


Choose one of the following dishes for night food:

Potage parmentier (potato soup) served with butter-fried leeks & crispy bacon – homemade bread

Asparagus soup with homemade meatballs & homemade bread

Curry soup served with rice & chicken

Omelette served with bacon, chives, tomatoes & rye bread + DKK 25.00

French onion bread with South Jutland ham & delicious salad + DKK 10.00

Ready soup served with homemade meat & flour buns + DKK 20.00

Hot dogs with everything that belongs  + DKK 25.00

Meatballs with cold potato salad + DKK 20.00

Danish hass served with fried eggs, beets & rye bread + DKK 30.00


We hope you can use the above dishes as inspiration and we will look forward to serve you

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