Rooms & Suites

Experience and well-being – a matter of the heart for us.

All our rooms have their very own charm and unique decor with beautiful antiques and everything is made of exclusive materials.

A cozy and cordial atmosphere welcomes you in the historic setting.

All our prices include breakfast.


Single room DKK 1,050.00

Single room with view DKK 1,195.00

Double room DKK 1,450.00

Double room with view DKK 1,600.00

Room for 4 people 2 bedrooms DKK 2,200.00

Havbosuiten 2 pers. DKK 1,850.00

Kegnæssuit 2 pers. DKK 2,200.00

In some of our rooms there will be the possibility of extra beds Prices for extra beds:

Extra bed children 0-3 years DKK 250.00

Extra bed children 4-11 years DKK 375.00

Extra bed children 12-18 years DKK 495.00



Tel: 74 41 52 00

Havbo 29
6470 Høruphav

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