The history of the place

Hotel Baltic is a beautiful historic hotel on the outskirts of the small village community Høruphav just outside Sønderborg. The hotel is located in the middle of the South Jutland country idyll with a fantastic location and exactly where some of the last shots were fired and where the last soldiers on both sides fell in 1864.

11 years later in 1875, the place became Hotel Baltic – or Bade-Hôtel Baltic, as the place was called until 1914. The hotel has over time been a recurring destination for vacationing guests who enjoyed being accommodated at Hotel Baltic. A postcard from 1890 states that the hotel could offer bathing opportunities that shielded the bather (lady) almost all the way down to the sea surface.

Just below the hotel you will find Gendarmstien, the historic path which was established in the reunification year 1920 and which goes all the way from Padborg to Skovby on Als.

Here the gendarmes each guarded their piece of the path and lived in small houses along the stretch.

In 2020, the Gendarmstien had well over 100,000 guests who covered the stretch on foot and enjoyed the fantastic views along the water throughout.

Hotel Baltic has been owned by the local family Willesen and has been passed down from generation to generation until it was bought by Hans Michael Jebsen in 1994, when it was beautifully renovated.

With attention to detail and great respect for history, Hotel Baltic was restored so that the hotel has retained its original historic appearance, albeit with today’s modern comforts.

Everything is very tastefully decorated and the hotel rooms exude history and patina

Hotel Baltic is surrounded by a classic Danish garden directly down to the water. In the garden rise the huge, protected, old trees, many of which have stood there since the beginning in 1875. Under them you will find the hotel terraces, from which you can enjoy the special light and the impressive view of the small marina, the bay at Høruphav and the peninsula Kegnæs . Perhaps the most beautiful view Sydals has to offer.

Hotel Baltic has 17 rooms and 2 suites decorated with beautiful colors, antique furniture and golden age paintings. As a guest, you therefore get the feeling of a deeply felt desire to create a unique experience, where the guests’ wishes go above all and are met in a cordial, professional and cozy atmosphere.



Tel: 74 41 52 00

Havbo 29
6470 Høruphav

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