Hold your confirmation in historic surroundings at Als

Confirmation is one of the great and traditional celebrations of youth. It is said that this is where the beautiful young people enter the ranks of the adults. It is a very special anniversary that deserves a celebration. At Hotel Baltic you can celebrate the confirmation in beautiful historic premises, and we are ready to tailor the entire event based on your wishes.

Hotel Baltic is located only 7 km from Sønderborg in beautiful Sydals. The hotel is surrounded by a classic garden with large, beautiful trees and with direct access to the water. From the hotel’s large cozy terraces you can enjoy the maritime view of the marina. There is room for both children and adults in the scenic areas, so here you will be able to create the perfect setting for your confirmation party.

Price example for Confirmation arrangement
6 hours

  • Welcome
  • Appetizer
  • Main court
  • Dessert
  • Coffee & tea with sweet
  • The house’s red & white wine as well as beer and water ad libitum 6 hours

Price per person DKK 695.00
(subject to price changes)

Children under 12 DKK 325.00
including drinks

Put together your menu

Choose one of each dish.


Tartlets with chicken in asparagus

Hot-smoked salmon served on fresh salads served with home-baked bread & sauce verte

Shrimp cocktail with crispy iceberg, asparagus & red dressing. For this, home-baked bread

Small tapas plate with the house’s specialties served with home-baked bread + DKK 20.

Little Star shot served with home-baked bread + DKK 10.00

Cold-smoked ham with ham from the Hørupslagteren served with tomato coulis, melon salad and home-baked bread + DKK 10.

Main court

Grillet kalvetyksteg serveret med rosmarin sky

Langtidsstegt okse coulotte serveret med hjemmerørt bearnaise sauce

Tomat farseret unghanebryst serveret med gruyère ost & rucola creme

Helstegt kalvefilet serveret med kalve jus + kr. 15,00
Grillet oksemørbrad serveret med kraftig bourgogne sky + kr. 35,00

Rosastegt andebryst serveret med brombær creme + kr. 15,00

Alle hovedretter serveres med årstidens garniture samt valgfri kartoffel:

Små smørstegte kartofler, Flødekartofler, Pom Fondante, Pom Anna, Pommes frites

Vælges hovedretten som buffet, med 2 slags kød og lækre salater + 20,00 kr. per person.


Pancakes served with vanilla ice cream, orange sauce & nuts Homemade ice cream cake with marzipan lid & fresh fruit salad Brownies served with vanilla ice cream & fresh fruit Creme brûlée served with pickled blackberries + DKK 10.00 Chocolate dream served with vanilla ice cream, orange syrup & raspberry coulis + DKK 15.00 Red berries au gratin served with vanilla ice cream + DKK 15.00

A tailor-made day for the confirmand

If you have any wishes for the day or for the composition of the menu, we are always ready to meet your wishes. We prepare everything from fresh ingredients, just as we strive to choose both organic and local. The menus are put together based on quality and taste experience, and we emphasize always maintaining honesty and love for what we do.

Hear more about confirmation at Hotel Baltic

If you would like more information about the possibilities of holding confirmation in a scenic area at Hotel Baltic, please contact us. You can call us on tel.: 74 41 52 00 for a non-binding chat about the event and your wishes in this regard. Alternatively, you can send an email to We look forward to welcoming you and creating a fantastic day together.