Memorial gathering

Beautiful memorial gathering at Hotel Baltic on Als

After a funeral or burial, many families choose to hold a memorial gathering. A memorial gathering is often less formal than the actual funeral or funeral, and it is a good opportunity to talk to the guests, and also for both friends and family to remember the deceased in good company.

At Hotel Baltic we offer to hold your memorial gathering in beautiful & charming premises.

Hotel Baltic at Als in Southern Jutland is located in quiet and scenic surroundings. The hotel itself is beautiful, charming and well-furnished with a focus on creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The hotel is also surrounded by a large classic garden with large trees and direct access to the water, and then there are associated terraces with a beautiful sea view. As a visitor, you thus get the feeling of being in the middle of pleasant natural surroundings, and thus the hotel and its facilities will be able to form the framework for the beautiful and dignified farewell that you need.

We know how difficult it can be to hold a memorial gathering and it is with the deepest respect that our employees create a safe environment for your event.

If there are special wishes from the deceased, we will do everything to accommodate them.

Beautiful memorial gathering at Hotel Baltic on Als

We offer coffee tables in connection with memorial gatherings for between 10-100 people.

Below we have three different menu suggestions, which we have found to be very suitable for a memorial gathering.

Menu suggestions

Coffee & Cake

Coffee/tea Pretzels Birthday cake Cookies

kr. 155,00

Buns & cookies

Coffee/tea 1/1 bun with toppings Pretzels Cookies

kr. 165,00


3 stk. uspecificerede snitter eller 2 stk. smørrebrød

kr. 170,00

We accommodate your wishes for the day

At Hotel Baltic, we know how difficult it can be to hold a memorial gathering, and thus we have the deepest respect for you and your situation.

Therefore, both before and after the event, we will also do our best to create a good and safe environment for your event, in which everyone can be present.

If you have any special wishes from the deceased, we will also do everything to accommodate these.

Contact us today

You should finally contact us for a non-binding chat about what we can offer at Hotel Baltic near Sønderborg in Southern Jutland. We would like to hear about yourcompany and memorial gathering, as well as what specific wishes you have for the day. Together we set the framework for a good and pleasant day with a beautiful and dignified farewell to the deceased. You can call tel.:74 41 52 00 or send an email at