Family stay

Family stay at Als in Southern Jutland

When the family needs to get together for various occasions, whether it’s a birthday or a family reunion, Hotel Baltic is an obvious option. We are happy to tailor your stay so that the family only has to spend energy enjoying themselves in the spirit of community. The beautiful surroundings in the cozy village of Høruphav as well as Hotel Baltic’s exciting history, which has been preserved with the greatest respect, invite you to experience and get together.

At the same time, the hotel is also located in a historically important area. It was precisely here, where the Hotel Baltic is located today, that some of the last shots were fired, and where some of the last soldiers fell on both sides in the 1864 battle with Denmark on one side and Prussia and Austria on the other . Thus, a family stay at Hotel Baltic is also an obvious way where you can get up close to history and learn more about what happened back then.

Book dit familieophold på Hotel Baltic

Skal du og din familie have en dejlig weekendtur i det sønderjyske? Book en overnatning allerede nu, og glæd jer til en afslappende weekend med oplevelser for hele familien. Vi glæder os til at byde jer velkommen på vores smukke hotel!