Evening menu, à la carte


Lobster soup served with white fish and leeks 

kr. 145,00

Bresaola, pesto-baked mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, baked Parmesan

kr. 145,00

Stirred veal tartar served on crisp salad

kr. 135,00

Main courses

Veal tenderloin

Served with smoked quail, thyme cloud, pearl barley and potato of the day

kr. 335,00

Wiener schnitzel

of veal inner thigh – classic accessory

kr. 285,00

Fresh fish of the day with matching side dishes

– please listen to the serving about today’s fish

kr. 325,00

Today’s vegetarian dish

– please listen to the serving about today’s vegetarian dish

kr. 285,00



Chocolate sauce – vanilla ice cream

kr. 125,00

Classic crème brûlée

kr. 125,00

The House’s selection of cheeses

Div. cheese

kr. 155,00

Chocolate cake

with ganach cream and berry coulis

kr. 135,00

For the young

Chicken breast

With pasta & tomato cream sauce

kr. 145,00

Fried fish fillet in butter

with fries and remoulade

kr. 145,00


with fries and ketchup

kr. 145,00